New Cannon, New Ships

The second Portalus build will contain 5 new ships to be added to the top tier of ships in our ship hierarchy.  The 5 ships being added are the following:

Sovereign 1st Rate – a unique feature of the Sovereign 1st rate is her 48lb bronze gun deck.  Batteries of 24lb, 12lb and 9lb bronze guns provide the Sovereign with additional firepower to compliment the most powerful single gun deck in the PotBS fleet.

Terror Pirate 2nd Rate – featuring a unique bronze 36lb gun deck the Terror also has 24lb, 9lb and 6lb guns to round out its gun compliment.  The Terror represents the first foray into the larger rates for the Pirate faction and should constitute a new flag ship for the pirate fleet.

Assistance 4th Rate – the Assistance brings the smallest gun count to the 4th rate class but also mounts the heaviest guns in the class being equipped with 24lb bronze cannon.  This ship does not have any career restrictions making it available to all.

Concorde Frigate – the Concorde is technically a 46 gun heavy frigate heralding the re-introduction of 18lb guns to the frigate class of ships.  While still in the frigate class the Concorde is intended to provide a greater threat to smaller rated ships under the right conditions.

Assurance Frigate – the Assurance is what you get when you take a lighter frigate like an Athena and equip the vessel with larger guns than are normally found in its class.  Equipped with 16lb bronze cannon Assurance should in several circumstances be capable of hitting above its class.

These ships are part of the Loot/Reward tier of ships featuring bronze cannon that have been tuned for slightly more damage and shorter reload times at the cost of some range (these are the bronze cannon mentioned in Half-Hitch’s recent devlog).  These ships use similar construction requirements as the other Loot/Reward ships (currently all 1st and 2nd rates and the Marauder) and share a common need for certain components in addition to the new bronze cannon.