New Treasure and Plunder on the Burning Seas

In the new Test Server build (coming within the next few days), NPC ships will begin dropping Treasure Chests. These chests are unlocked using Chest Keys, which drop rarely from NPCs but are also available in Treasure Aisle. Treasure Chests are sealed containers holding some kind of valuable. It may be doubloons, consumables (manufactured or Treasure Aisle), treasure maps, ship components (including components designed by the elusive Fairfax Pirates!), or even ship deeds. Some Treasure Chests hold common items, some very rare items.

Each Treasure Chest also contains one to three Pieces of Eight, a new currency you can spend with the European Trader. The European Trader has a slew of new items he will trade to you for your Pieces of Eight, including new consumables, new outfittings, new titles, new ship recipes, and special new bronze cannons, which are used in the construction of five new ships: the Sovereign 1st Rate, the Terror Pirate 2nd Rate, the Assistance 4th Rate, and the Concorde and Assurance Frigates. Fodderboy will have a followup dev log about these ships soon, so stay tuned!

Happy hunting!