Status Update

Status overall is little changed from the previous week. PayPal should now be working with Treasure Aisle and focus is fully on resolving the issues with migration.

So far the migration issues have taken longer than expected as we work on replacing parts of the system that used to be entirely handled by SOE. It has proven more difficult due to no access to the original SOE code being used and any support with any questions that arise. This has also made making estimates for when this work will be completed difficult and for this reason we are reluctant to give any. Migration will remain the primary focus of work until the issue is resolved.

New account creation is our second priority. The migration issue resolution will by the nature of the work complete a significant portion new account creation. We do not know how far behind migration issues account creation will be but we will have a better idea when the migration issues are resolved.

There will be an attempt to look into the UDP/TCP issue at some point during the process of transitioning from migration issues to new account creation. If a quick resolution is possible it will be done otherwise the work will have to wait until new account creation is working.

We will post additional updates if/when the status of anything changes. Thank you for bearing with us during this, we are literally working as hard as we can to get everything working.