Transition Update and Roadmap

I know this update is coming out a little later than the updates from the previous days, but Fodderboy, Hamled and I had a meeting about the transition process and I wanted to wait until that was over so I could give you as much information as possible.

Things are moving forward, but we're not done yet. Rather than give you an estimated day when things will come back which will have to be adjusted if something goes wrong, I'm going to lay out exactly where we are in the transition process and tell you what else needs done. We'll update you on our progress on that roadmap, which I think will give everyone a better idea of where things stand.

After getting the website back up over the weekend, we've been troubleshooting our ability to get the servers online. There were a lot of back-end systems that needed fixed as a result of the data center move, and the Test Server coming online briefly was part of those fixes. I'm very happy to say that we can get the servers up now.

The next step is to get our log in system talking to our authorization system, basically connecting the two servers that verify your password when you try to log in. Previously this was done by Sony, and we need to get our replacement system working.

After that's done, we'll have the ability to log into the game. We'll go in and test the client, and make sure everything is working properly. Once everything is functioning, we'll open the servers again and make sure the connections are stable from outside of our internal network.

After the servers are open, we will get the new launcher configured and released. Once that goes out, everyone will be able to play again.

I know everyone is anxious to get back into their ships (we are too!), and we are doing everything in our power to make that happen as quickly as possible. I'll continue to post updates here and let you know as we reach each milestone. Thank you all for your patience!