Transition Update

Quick update on where things stand right now. The transition of game and forum data to the new data center is complete! Hamled (or as I have started calling him "The Tireless Hamled" and "The Implacable Hamled") realized that at the rate the data transfer was going, it would be faster to ship hard drives with copies of the data down to LA, so that's what we did. Never underestimate the bandwidth of a Volkswagen full of zip drives (or in this case a FedEx plane full of SSDs), as they say. The drives have been installed and are working.

Our next priority is getting the website back up. We know this is taking longer than we anticipated, and we're sorry our estimates weren't more on target. Rather than give you guys another estimate, I'll just say that we are doing our best to get the site up quickly, and I'll let you know if we get anything more solid.

Thank you all again for bearing with us!