So far so good!

Roberts and Antigua have been live for a few days now, and things are looking good. We've seen no major issues, and the small things that have popped up we've been able to take care of. Pirates of the Burning Sea is back!

Now that the servers are back online, I wanted to give you an idea of what we're currently working on. These are our top priority items at the moment:

  • Enable Burning Sea Note purchases - To start with this will go through, but we will be enabling in-game purchases soon
  • New account creation - We want everyone to be able to join in!
  • Password resets - We've heard from people that have misplaced the passwords to their account, we're working to get a system in place to allow password resets through our website
  • Migrations - This is a two part project. First, we're working to get a website set up where people who have their migration codes can complete their migration. The second part is getting our tools set up to allow manual migrations. We've got a massive list of requests for manual migration, and we want to start helping those players as soon as we can.

Once we get those items done we will go back to working on our first patch. We'll have more information about what will be in that patch soon.

Thank you all again for bearing with us through the transition. I know it took a bit longer than we expected, and we appreciate everyone sticking with us. We're not all the way there yet, but we're getting closer. Yarr!