Status Update

Crossposting Fodderboy's update from the forums:

Due to the volume of launcher and game downloads occurring and their download speed we have decided to hold off on unlocking the Antigua and Roberts servers for a few more hours. Though Antigua and Roberts have passed their initial checks we want to hold off on opening the servers until more players have been able to complete their launcher downloads to avoid potential game issues that might occur if a small disproportionate number of players have access to the servers.

We will continue to work on the download speed issues players are experiencing. Many of the errors players are experiencing that appear as “network errors” are due to the fact that the download servers are currently overloaded. We will leave the Test server up and available for players to test their connectivity. We understand this process can be frustrating for players but we can only suggest at this time that many of the errors are caused by the load on the download server and often the only real solution to the issue is to either try downloading again if the process stalls or wait and try downloading later as the download demand starts to drop off.

We cannot set a specific time for when we will unlock the Antigua and Roberts servers. When we will is dependent on the number of downloads completed and we feel comfortable with the number of players that can login. We will update this status thread as soon as we have any change in status.