We're Back!

Pirates of the Burning Sea is out of drydock! The Test Server is currently online and available once you've patched with the new launcher.

Where can I download the new launcher?

The new launcher can be found here: www.burningsea.com/download

What should I do if I haven't migrated my accounts yet?

Please send us an email at customerservice@portalusgames.com and we'll try to get your accounts migrated. We will begin processing manual migrations as soon as we're sure everything is stable.

Where can I migrate my account if I already have a migration code?

We will be getting the website where you can complete your migration if you have a migration code up soon.

I don't have a PotBS account, where can I register one?

We don't have a way to register new accounts yet, but we'll have one soon.

I've found a problem, what should I do?

First, please check and see if it has been listed as a known issue on the forums, here: http://www.burningsea.com/forums/showthread.php?t=97250. If the problem isn't listed there, please send us an email (customerservice@portalusgames.com) describing the issue.

What fabulous gifts await us upon our return to the seas?

We will be giving returning players 500 Burning Sea Points to say thanks for sticking with us during the transition. We'll have more details about this soon.