PotBS Transition Update

We just got a chance to hear from Hamled how things are going with the transition and I wanted to give everyone an update on where we are at so folks trying to make plans can do so with more ease.

Right now we are going to have to say that PotBS servers are unlikely to be up and running prior to Monday (Feb. 4th).  I want to say there’s a small chance we might be up a little before that but Hamled’s giving me the determined “it will be Monday” look.  I know that’s not what anyone wants to hear but we were originally given a possible 72 hour down time estimate and that’s looking like it is turning out to be accurate (so far). 

We felt we should get this information to players as soon as possible as we know some folks might want the information for their weekend plans.  We think this way if you know there’s no chance the game is coming up on Friday, Saturday or Sunday folks can make other plans, enjoy the Super Bowl and hopefully get back to PotBS as soon as possible after.

It looks like we’ll have burningsea.com back up hopefully sometime tomorrow (Saturday Feb. 2nd).  Again I want to say it’s possible it could come back up a little earlier than that but Hamled’s giving me the look again when I press for the possibility.  Hitch and I are looking forward to getting back to some discussions that were starting just before we took the buringsea.com site offline so hopefully we won’t have to wait too much longer to start again. 

I’ll post another update when we know a bit more regarding when something is coming online or if there are any changes in our projected schedule.