Latest Game Update

The first of the two patches we have planned for December is now on the Test Server. We will be pushing it to the Live servers on 12/17 at midnight PST (8 AM GMT on 12/18). Changes include:

- Holiday sale on Treasure Aisle! Tis the season of togetherness, so commissioned allies and holiday pets are 25% off. All economy slots and economy slot bundles are 10% off and the Mid Level item bundle is 40% off. This sale will run through the end of the year.

- The holiday missions are now available.

- Removed old items from the Seasonal Item Exchange and added three new titles, a new permanent outfitting, and a new consumable.

- Increased the drop rate on rare Fairfax drops.

We expect to release the second patch, which includes new ships, towards the end of the month. Happy holidays, and enjoy!