New Seasonal Exchange Items

Now that registration is open again we can get back to the business of making new things! First up is a batch of new items for the Seasonal Item Exchange. After the new build goes live tomorrow, you'll be able to pick up the following new items:

  • Dutch Gunpowder - This gunpowder improves both reload rate and accuracy
  • Wooden Sabots - A permanent outfitting that provides a better damage bonus than Wadding, but comes with a small reload penalty
  • Dutch Chainmail - This armor gives a better damage resistance bonus than a regular chain shirt, but its increased weight means it doesn't provide a bonus to guard
  • Inflammatory Writ - Reading from this document will infuriate your crew, increasing your reload rate, damage, and morale regeneration rate, but your crew will be so angry they won't be able to repair your ship. Using this item activates your repair item cooldown

Because of the downtime we will be leaving last build's items in the exchange a little bit longer, so grab your Enlarged Cargoholds, Basalt and Expanding Bar Shot, and Extra-Slippery Banana Peels while you can!

Also, as a thank you to everyone who stuck with us through this, the first character you log in with after the new build goes live will receive a special bonus item!