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All Server Downtime - 6/23/2015 - Updated

Update (1:10 AM PDT): All servers are online and open once again! Thank you everyone for your patience, and sorry about any inconvenience this may have caused.
Update (1:00 AM PDT): Bringing the servers back online right now. Currently estimate about 10 more minutes until all servers are back online.
Update (12:35 AM PDT): Maintenance work continues on schedule, no change in downtime estimate.
Update (12:05 AM PDT): Server maintenance and updates are underway. Current downtime estimate remains 1 hour.

Hello Captains!

We'll be taking all servers offline for about 1 hour tonight at midnight (6/23/2015 at 12 AM Pacific Time, 3 AM Eastern Time, 7 AM GMT, 10 AM MSK). This downtime is to perform regular scheduled maintenance and update buy and sell prices for NPCs in the Auction Houses.

Live Server Downtime - 6/16/2015 - Updated

We'll be releasing our latest update to 2.15 which includes a new level 50 frigate for all classes, tonight at midnight (6/16/2015 at 12 AM Pacific Time, 3 AM Eastern Time, 7 AM GMT, 10 AM MSK). We will be performing regularly scheduled maintenance at the same time which will require us to take the servers offline for up to 1 hour. Patch notes may be read here.

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Test Server - 2.15.40 Patch Notes

For our first new update in many months, we're releasing a new ship! This ship follows the trend of our most recent series of releases: the recipe is purchasable from Treasure Aisle (for 1,500 Burning Sea Points) and it requires only constructed (rather than purchased) components, allowing it to be built in Large Shipyards throughout the Caribbean.
Please read on for detailed ship stats!

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Test Server Downtime - 2.15.40

Update (10:10 PM PDT): Test Server is now online and open with version 2.15.40. If you would like to check out the new Viper frigate, please download and run the test game installer.

Shortly we will be releasing update 2.15.40 to Test Server for evaluation and feedback, in anticipation of a release to the Live servers on Monday evening / Tuesday morning.

Build 2.15.40 includes a new frigate, the Viper, the recipe for which will be available to all level 50 characters on Treasure Aisle! More details about this new ship will follow in our official patch notes for the build.

All Server Downtime 6/6/2015

Update (8:55 PM PST): Antigua and Roberts are once again online and open for players, Test Server will follow shortly. Thanks again to everyone for being patience with this!
Update (8:05 PM PST): Maintenance work is nearly complete at this time. Servers are now expected to be online and open again in about 30 minutes.
Update (7:35 PM PST): Maintenance work continues on schedule, downtime estimate is unchanged.
Update (7:05 PM PST): Maintenance work continues on schedule, downtime estimate is unchanged.
Update (6:35 PM PST): Maintenance has begun, currently downtime is estimated at 3 hours.
Players have been reporting issues with Open Sea lag on both Antigua and Roberts servers for the past two hours. While this still seems to be intermittent we will be taking all servers (including Test) offline in 45 minutes (6/6/2015 at 6:30 PM Pacific Time, 9:30 PM Eastern Time, 1:30 AM GMT, 4:30 AM MSK) to resolve it. We will be performing additional maintenance at the same time, and currently we expect the total downtime to last up to 3 hours. Updates will be posted here regularly throughout.

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Account Registration Issue

We are currently experiencing an issue with one of our database servers.  The issue being experienced impacts account management by not allowing new accounts to be registered or for existing accounts to reset their passwords.  We apologize for the inconvenience caused by this issue and are working to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.  We will update this post when the issue has been resolved.


Update 5/30/15 12:45am PDT - We have been able to determine that the database issue is affecting the usage of Burning Sea Notes converting to Burning Sea Points.  Currently if a Note is used the 300 Burning Sea Points will be available and can be used however if the account logs out any unused points added during that playing session will not be saved.  The transactions are all being properly logged so a proper accounting of point totals can be made but customer service will not be able to restore any missing unsaved Burning Sea Points until the database issue is resolved. 


Update 5/30/15 12:05pm PDT - The issue with our database server has been resolved.  Account registration and password resets should be functioning normally.  The issue with unused Burning Sea Points from a game session not saving properly should also be resolved.  We will be auditing all Burning Sea Point transactions for the period affected by the server issue and will correct any discrepancies found as quickly as possible.  


We are also at this time experiencing longer than usual delays in response time to customer service requests.  When this issue arises we prioritize customer service requests usually resulting in longer than usual response time to technical support, existing account recovery and mission assistance requests.  We apologize for the delay and will respond to support requests as quickly as we can.

In Game Rule Changes Update

The following changes have been made to the In Game rules:

In Active Nation Select we removed “within the first 30 days of transferring a returning character from a currently closed server.” from the end. 


The reference isn’t valid for Portalus Games as Portalus never could transfer characters from previously closed servers.  We added “or as part of maintaining character access for a server transferred character.” 


If a player transfers a character from one server to another and the server they transferred to does not have a matching active nation we will assist a player in matching the action nation as part of the server transfer process.


In the Multiple Accounts section we have added the following:

To the rules regarding the use of ships of more than one nation in a red zone we have added the following clarification – “PvP areas (red zones) include instances contained within the red zone (PvP or PvE) and the red zone port docks or town.” 


We felt the line with this rule needed to be brightened in that players should only have characters of one nation in a red zone.  We wanted to make clear that we consider sitting on the docks with one nation while having a character on the OS outside the port of another nation is having two characters of opposing nations in the same red zone.  The same is true of a character sitting in an encounter inside the same red zone with another character of another nation either on the OS or in the port – it will all be the same as it is all contained within the same red zone.  We understand players will get caught over the line under certain circumstances and will allow some grace period as long as there is clear intent to clear the zone of two opposing character nations as quickly as possible.


We added to the following to the Multiple Accounts rule section:

“Players may not use excessive numbers of accounts in any single nation or combination of nations to exploit game mechanics in a manner that negatively impacts the health of the game overall.  The number of accounts considered excessive is considered case by case at the discretion of Portalus Games.  An example of an activity not allowed would be a single player using multiple accounts to blockade a port.  The activity was intended to be a group activity and not a single player action.”


What we mean with this rule addition is simply this – there are aspects of the game that are designed for multiple player participation rather than multiple account participation.  We don’t want multiple account participation to over shadow multiple player participation.  We’re calling out solo port flipping as an example of something that is possible for multiple accounts but intended for multiple players.  We can't allow that to go on any longer.  This rule addition is intentionally very broad in that we believe it can be applied to all aspects of the game.  What constitutes an excessive number of accounts will vary depending on the effect those accounts have on the game overall, the activity they are engaging in and the usage patterns of the accounts. 


These rule changes are effective immediately. 


We will provide an update on the forum opening progress in the next 24 hours.  There has been a technical issue with our provider that has delayed our progress and we are still working to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.   

Update 5/7/15

We apologize for the delay in updating our progress.  The last two weeks have been very busy with our third party partners and good progress was made on a couple of major items we haven’t discussed as of yet.  There are some upcoming technical issues PotBS will need to address later this year and we are nearing a point where we can begin discussing some things we have been working on regarding getting PotBS exposed to a larger game audience.  We’ll provide more information on these items as soon as we are a bit closer to being able to make a public announcement regarding them.

Our forum re-opening progress has also been progressing well.  We’ve been able to resolve the issues we were experiencing in preparation for re-opening the Burningsea.com forums on the Portalus side and are now waiting for our hosting partner to finish their portion of the sign in integration process.  We do not have an estimated completion date from our hosting partner yet but do not expect it to be much longer (it could literally be any day now).  Once it is complete we will need to run a series of tests to make sure the new single sign on system is functioning properly before opening the forum to the general public.  The single sign on tests involve making sure that data is matching up properly when players attempt to reclaim previous forum accounts and that sign on information matches existing game account data.

To conduct re-opening tests we could use about 10 volunteers from the community to help with some testing once the final integration piece is completed by our forum hosting service.  Players who currently have multiple game accounts registered to the same email and/or had multiple forum accounts on the previous Burningsea.com forum registered to the same email addresses would be most helpful.  Anyone interested in volunteering to assist can email customer service at customerservice@portalusgames.com.  Please mention “forum testing” in the subject line and let us know the number of accounts associated with the registered email address for testing.  We will choose the 10 volunteers with the data sets that best match our test conditions.  Customer service will contact volunteers selected for testing with instructions and login information needed for testing when ready.  Thank you in advance to all who volunteer to assist us with this forum testing.

Update 4/23/15

With last week’s hardware failure and a number of other issues with we had to put work on a new build on hold for a bit to focus what time we could on testing and setting up the new forum.  Overall the testing has gone well with a few issues discovered that will need to be resolved before we can open the forum.  The issues were not major issues and we are still tracking toward opening the forum within the next two weeks. 


My next big task (while Hamled works on the technical issues) is determining exactly what of the old forum threads will be moving to the new forum.  We know that the greater portion of the old information will not be migrating to the new forum predominately due to its age or relevance.  Boards and threads that offer technical support, new player support, and player guides are likely to be migrated over first if the information is still accurate while discussion boards are likely to start with a clean slate.   The initial launch is likely to be minimalistic as we plan to allow the forum to grow to the current game community’s needs and we wish to establish a different feel to the forum to distinguish ourselves a bit from the past forum.  A lot has changed since the old forum was established and we’d like the new forum to be more reflective of where we intend to go rather than where it has been.  


I’d like to add to this update a thank you to those who have sent their well wishes, prayers and concerns regarding my leave of absence.  We’re pretty much back up to full speed now and we should start seeing more consistent status updates and build updates as soon as the forum is up.  Hopefully my next update will contain the date we will be opening the forum and some information regarding the process players will need to use to reclaim old forum accounts or establish new ones.  Regardless of forum status I will post another update next week.

Unexpected Downtime 4/17/2015

Update (10:50 PM PDT): All servers are back online and open once again! Apologies again for the inconvenience this has caused, and thank you all for being so patient.
Update (10:30 PM PDT): We're currently restarting all game servers. Things are still looking on track for about 25 minutes from now.
Update (10:10 PM PDT): The failed hardware has been replaced and we will be restarting all of the game servers shortly. ETA for opening them again is currently 45 minutes from now.

Hey everyone,

Sorry about not getting a post out sooner! We're currently trying to deal with a hardware failure in a very critical component of our datacenter. We're currently in the process of replacing that machine and expect to bring the servers online in the next hour or so.

I'll post updates here as I have more information, thank you all for your patience with this!

Antigua Server Downtime 4/17/2015

Update (12:35 AM PDT): Antigua and Test Server are back online and open again! Due to unforeseen circumstances we had to cut short our additional maintenance, which we will reschedule for early next week. Any potential for issues similar to what Roberts experienced this afternoon has been fixed however.
Update (12:00 AM PDT): Maintenance on Antigua and Test Server is currently underway. The original downtime estimate of 1 hour still holds.
Players have been reporting issues with logging into the Roberts server for the past few hours. While these issues appear to be intermittent, they are happening frequently enough that we will be taking the Roberts server offline shortly to resolve them completely. The downtime for that should last about 30 minutes.

While we have not yet had any issues with Antigua we will be taking it offline for similar maintenance this evening at at midnight (2/25/2015 at 12 AM Pacific Time, 3 AM Eastern Time, 7 AM GMT, 10 AM MSK). We will be doing some additional maintenance at that time and expect the downtime to last up to an hour. I'll post additional updates here as that maintenance is underway.

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Update - April 11, 2015

We apologize for a lack of development updates over the recent weeks.  Many development tasks had to be put on hold over the past few weeks due to my need to take an emergency leave of absence in the first week of March.  Portalus is small enough as a company that the loss of a team member causes havoc on schedules and workloads to a degree that many things become unpredictable until situations stabilize and the team gets back up to full strength.  We’re not quite to that point yet but we are moving forward again at least to a degree that we can report some progress.


During my absence Hamled has been continuing his work on improving our internal infrastructure while covering some of my duties and continuing work on restoring the forum. At this point, if testing goes well the burningsea.com forum should be restored by or before the end of the month.  We will be able to provide an update on forum testing progress later in the upcoming week.


The other development tasks previously discussed have all been on hold for the past few weeks due to my absence.  Rather than delay some bug fixes that are ready until other development tasks are caught up we will likely put a small bug fixing build out during the next week to address the most reported issues.  With the forum being close to restoration we will provide more detailed updates on the delayed development tasks as soon as we can on the restored forum. 

All Server Downtime - 2/25/2015

Update (1:20 AM): All servers are online and open once again! Thank you all for your patience with this.
Update (1:00 AM): We're finished with all server maintenance and are starting the process of taking the servers back online. We expect to have them open for players again within 15 minutes.
Update (12:30 AM): Server maintenance is going according to schedule, our ETA remains 1 AM Pacific Time / 4 AM Eastern / 9 AM GMT, Noon MSK.

Update (12:05 AM): All servers have been brought offline for the beginning of maintenance. At this time our ETA for bringing them back online is still 1 hour.
Last week we announced that we'll be performing weekly maintenance from now on. In accordance with that we'll be taking all servers offline tonight at midnight (2/25/2015 at 12 AM Pacific Time, 3 AM Eastern Time, 8 AM GMT, 11 AM MSK).
We're expecting this downtime to last about an hour, and will be posting updates here throughout. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, and we appreciate your patience.

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All Server Downtime - 2/18/2015

REMINDER: If you open the game and don't see any servers, please download and run the launcher again!
Update (4:45 AM): Finally all of the servers are back online and open to players! Thank you again for being patient while we had this very extended downtime. As previously mentioned we will be taking steps to ensure that maintenance times in the future are nowhere near this long if possible.

Update (3:30 AM): Sorry for how long this is taking, we understand that downtimes of this length definitely cut into the playable times for people in Europe, Russia, and Australia. Given that we plan to do weekly maintenance from here on out, I'll reassess our choice of downtime window and figure out what gives us the best opportunity for a 2-4 hour window of low player activity.
Unfortunately at this point we have one remaining critical server which is still going through its update process and is taking significantly longer than expected. I'm extending the ETA at this point to 4 AM (7 AM Easter Time, 12 PM GMT, 3 PM MSK), however that's quite tentative, I'm not sure if things will be ready for then or not. Again, sorry for all of the inconvenience!

Update (3:00 AM): Maintenance continues, downtime is being extended to 3:45 AM Pacific Time.
Update (2:00 AM): Maintenance continues according to schedule. However, out of an abundance of caution I'm now estimating that the downtime may last an additional 30 minutes, until 3:30 AM Pacific Time.
Update (1:00 AM): Maintenance continues according to schedule. ETA remains the same.
Update (12:00 AM): Maintenance work on all servers has begun. At this time we are still expecting the downtime to last 3 hours.

As Fodderboy wrote earlier today, we're bringing all of the servers offline tonight at midnight (2/18/2015 at 12 AM Pacific Time, 3 AM Eastern Time, 8 AM GMT, 11 AM MSK).
With this update we'll be turning on the Mardi Gras content, fixing the Mahogany stacking issue (for real this time!), and doing a bunch of back-end server maintenance. Because of the extra maintenance going on we expect that this downtime will last up to 3 hours.

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Server Downtime 2/18/2015

Fat Tuesday is upon us and it brings with it a need for some server maintenance and a fix for the persistent mahogany log stack size issue.  We will need to bring down the servers (both Test and the Live servers) this evening.  The Test server will be taken offline first sometime later today to apply a new build and testing.  The Live servers will be brought down at midnight Pacific time to apply the new build if the new build passes required testing.  The estimated down time for the Live server maintenance is 3 to 4 hours.


During the server outage we will be turning on our Mardi Gras content found near the port of New Orleans in game.  We apologize for not having the content available during the day today as we try to limit server outages. 

Live Server Downtime - 2/8/2015

Update (12:50 PM): Antigua and Roberts are back online and open! Thank you for your patience.
Update (11:30 PM): We're pushing back the downtime by half an hour. Downtime is now estimated for 12:30 AM - 1 AM Pacific Time.

We'll be releasing another update, 2.15.38, which includes some bug fixes, changes to ship component pricing, and changes to NPC buy/sell order prices, tonight at midnight (2/8/2015 at 12 AM Pacific Time, 3 AM Eastern Time, 8 AM GMT, 11 AM MSK). This will require us to take the servers offline for up to 30 minutes. Patch notes may be read here.
We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, and we appreciate your patience.

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Test Server Downtime - 2.15.38

Update (12:00 AM): I overestimated earlier with the several hours bit. Turns out the database fix was a lot faster than anticipated! Test Server is now online and open with version 2.15.38. Thanks to everyone for your patience.

Update (10:30 PM): The upgrade to 2.15.38 went well, however we're currently working on fixing some issues with the Test Server database which had been causing issues for players for the last week or so.
Right now it's looking like fixing those issues may take several more hours.

We'll be upgrading Test Server to version 2.15.38 at 9:00 PM Pacific Time. Patch notes for this build may be read here.
Downtime should last about 30 minutes, I'll update this post when the server is available again, or if the downtime will last longer.
As always, if you'd like to play on Test Server please download the Test client, and make sure to install it in a different directory than your Live client!

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Test Server Down Time

We will be taking the Test server down at some point today to push the 2.15.38 build to the Test server.  The 2.15.38 build features reductions in ship construction costs, NPC buy/sell order prices and a bug fix.


Ship construction costs in the 2.15.38 build have reduced through the following changes:


·         Basic ship hull prices have been reduced by a rescaling of materials used by each size of ship and some reductions in recipe click costs.  Reductions in materials used focuses on keels, stems and iron usage.  The smallest hulls no longer use keels and stems by using a larger amount of frame timber material instead.  All hulls still using keels and stems have had their required amounts reduced.

·         Cannon carriages have had their click costs reduced and their materials used rescaled. 

·         Cannon barrels have had reductions in their click costs and a reduction in the amount of iron used to create each cannon barrel.  Planking material usage went up with most cannon barrels and tallow usage was reduced on the largest cannon barrel sizes.

·         Cannon recipe click costs have been reduced on some cannon (especially smaller cannon sizes).


As a result of the above changes all ship construction costs have been reduced except for ships that are created without using basic ship hulls or basic cannon (e.g. reward ships, exchange ships, etc.).  All ships that have had ship cost reductions have had proportionate reductions in their insurance values.


The 2.15.38 build features a few NPC buy/sell price changes.  The NPC markets in the 2.15 build are designed to be reactive rather than static.  The prices of NPC buy/sell orders are intended to change periodically based on player usage in relation to the overall market.  We haven’t made any changes up to this point because we wanted to wait until we felt we had a large enough sample of data to start seeing trends before making our first adjustments.  Moving forward we expect to make adjustments more often until we can eventually automate the system to operate in real time.


The initial price changes in the 2.15.38 build include:


·         NPC prices will pay higher prices for trade goods.  Trade goods are items only NPC’s consume such as hewn logs and container goods (e.g. cotton bales, barrels of flour, crates of leather, etc.).

·         The prices of NPC sold provisions have risen.

·         The prices of NPC sold structure experts (e.g. farmers, keepers, blacksmiths etc.) have gone up.  NPC sold structure expert markets have also been reduced.  NPC sold structure experts should now only be found in Oranjestad.  Future builds will feature additional reductions in NPC markets.


The 2.15.38 build also contains a fix for the mahogany log stack size bug.


We will leave this build on the Test server for a few days and push the build to the Live servers during the coming week if possible.  We appreciate your feedback and reporting anything that appears to be a bug or any issues that seem out of place.  Feedback and test can be submitted through our customer service email customerservice@portalusgames.com

Happy Anniversary Pirates of the Burning Sea!

It’s been seven years since the launch of Pirates of the Burning Sea and we’re happy to say that we’re looking forward to the next year and hopefully many more anniversaries to come!  For most of us here at Portalus Games this will be our fifth year with Pirates of the Burning Sea and entering our third year of operation as Portalus Games.  We realize that many of our players have been with the game even longer than we have and we hope they are looking forward to the future of the game as much as we are.


Seven years of operation is a tribute to the game’s player base and I want to say thank you to everyone reading this and to many others who probably are not for the support you all have given to the game over the past 7 years.  This is especially true over the last two years with Pirates of the Burning Sea and Portalus Games.  This game and company could not have continued without the dedicated and passionate support of its players.  It is to you all that the game owes its longevity and we want you all to know we are aware of that and we are above all grateful for your support. 


When it comes to discussing the future I’d like to say that we can lay out a detailed plan for the upcoming year but at the moment we’re still working on formulating that while we finish up some end of the year business and assess what we feel might be some realistic goals to set for the next few months.  We know what goals we would like to accomplish but we know more so this year than any other that we are going to need to be flexible with our plans and that we might not be able to set time tables to certain tasks until certain other tasks are accomplished first.  That reality has us a bit reluctant to talk about long term plans at this time so for the moment we will focus on immediate development.


This year is going to bring some challenges as we know we will need to address several issues that have little to do with game play but are critical to keeping the game operating.  Our servers while still reliable are aging and should be replaced sometime in the near future.   We still need to restore web service operations such as restoration of the Burning Sea forum, user content and we’d like to restore a subscription service similar to the former Captain’s Club.  Rebuilding these services and expanding the game’s presence through them will require us partnering with other service providers.  More partners means more time spent in business operation rather than development and working with their schedules but ultimately to accomplish our goal of making the game more accessible to a larger audience these are necessary steps and we will have to fit what development we can in where ever we can until some of these goals are reached.


Our immediate plans regarding game development currently are focused on fixing bugs, addressing tuning issues and progressing with implementing the loot economy items that were originally slotted to be part of the 2.15 build.  In the next few days we’ll push a build to the Test server that repairs the Mahogany log stack size bug, adjusts numerous NPC buy/sell price points and implements some construction cost adjustments that target lowering costs for cannon carriages, cannon barrels and basic ship hulls.  We’ll follow that build with another that bring some reduction in labor values to several recipes, make some adjustments to ship accuracy mods and the start of the loot table overhaul that was originally to be part of the 2.15 build.  Hopefully before these tasks can be accomplished we will have the forum operational again and will have a better format for discussion regarding future development in greater detail.

All Server Downtime - 1/13/2015

Update (3:28 AM PST): All servers are back online now. Things might be slow for a few hours, as part of our maintenance we needed to shut off most of the machines and right now the databases are a bit 'cold'. Thanks again for your patience, everyone!

Update (2:55 AM PST): We're running just a bit behind schedule now. Currently expect to have the servers back online by 3:15 AM. Thank you all for your patience.
Update (1:40 AM PST): Server maintenance is going according to schedule. We currently expect to be done before the original 2 hour estimate.
We're doing some network and server maintenance, and to turn on Anniversary content, tonight after midnight (1/13/2015 at 1 AM Pacific Time, 4 AM Eastern Time, 9 AM GMT, 12 PM MSK). This will require us to take the servers offline for up to 2 hours.

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