1. Don't be a jackass

    In general including-but-not-limited-to terms, this means trolling, making racist or sexist comments, derailing threads, spamming, flaming, and being a nuisance. You're welcome to disagree with people on the forums (us included!), but keep it respectful and keep it constructive ("The armor values of ship A are too low relative to ship B." is fine, "STOP KILLING TEH GAME IDIOTS" is not). Keep the discussion about the idea, and not the person who had the idea. And let's not discuss the Big Three: sex, politics, and religion.

    We're leaving this rule vague on purpose. The kind of person who needs the line explicitly drawn is also the kind of person who will stay as close to that line as humanly possible, which is irritating. Basically, if we think you're being a jackass, we'll ask you to stop. If you don't, we'll do something about it. We can't put you in the stocks or keelhaul you, so this could mean removed posts, forum bans, in-game bans, item or doubloon removal, etc. We're doing away with the infraction/fmov system. Instead we reserve the right to take whatever action we feel is appropriate.

  2. Don't use multiple accounts to be a jackass

    Don't create multiple accounts or use old accounts to try to get around moderation. Basically, if one of your accounts is forum banned, treat all of your accounts as forum banned. This one really gets our goat. This is the kind of thing that makes us start banning in-game accounts.
  3. Don't argue moderation on the forums

    If you feel that you've been moderated unfairly, send a moderator a private message and plead your case. Don't re-post something that's been deleted or make snarky comments about the moderation or moderator, and especially don't do either of those things lots of times.
  4. Don't discuss things that are against the rules or against the law

    Every once in a while, someone finds a way to do something in a video game that they shouldn't be doing. If you spot something that doesn't look right, send in a support email or send a forum PM to one of the Portalus staff. Don't post about it happening, and don't post instructions on how to do it. Likewise, don't discuss illegal activities. That includes software and music piracy and illegal drug use or anything else that law enforcement would be unhappy about.