Portalus Games and the Future of PotBS

By now you have likely heard that starting on February 1st Pirates of the Burning Sea (PotBS) will no longer be developed by Flying Lab Software and published by Sony Online Entertainment. Instead PotBS will be under the purview of Portalus Games. But who is Portalus Games, and what do they have to do with PotBS?

Portalus Games is a new Seattle game studio started by former members of the PotBS team. While we will not be retaining the management of FLS we are keeping some of the talent that has helped Pirates of the Burning Sea stay afloat over the last few years.

We started Portalus Games because we believe in PotBS and in creating excellent online games that provide the age of sail experience. The game's upcoming departure from the SOE catalog has presented us with an opportunity to build on the PotBS legacy and to create amazing online experiences, which is something that we could not pass up.

We will have announcements in the near future about new projects that Portalus is undertaking, but today I want to talk about what this transition means for PotBS.

First I would like to reassure all of our players that the game will remain free-to-play, and the transition should be seamless. Both the Antigua and Roberts servers will be maintained and all of your existing characters will be available as long as you complete the migration process for each account before January 31st.

However, Portalus Games is not Flying Lab Software. We have witnessed the results of our choices since the move to free-to-playboth for the game and for FLS as a business. It would be a disservice to the game's loyal fans if we let it end as a result of those decisions, and we are currently evaluating necessary changes to keep the game seaworthy.

More information about upcoming changes to Pirates of the Burning Sea, the transition process, and new projects will be posted here so please check back over the coming weeks. Fair winds and happy hunting!