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Server Down Time Reminder 2016/2/13

We will be taking the servers offline this evening at 2 AM Eastern Time/6 AM GMT/9 AM MSK February 13, 2016, (11 PM Pacific Time on February 12, 2016) to perform server maintenance and to activate our Mardi Gras content.  The projected server down time is approximately 2 hours.


We will update this posting when the maintenance is complete.


Update - 12:20am Pacific Time

The servers are now open and our Mardi Gras content is now available.  Head over to Mardi Gras Bayou to join the festivities but beware of possibly troubled waters near the port of New Orleans!

Fat Tuesday Can Wait!

Fat Tuesday is upon us but our Mardi Gras celebration content is going to wait a few more days.  Traditionally Pirates of the Burning Sea has celebrated Mardi Gras beginning on the 15th of February but we’re going to start a little earlier this year.  In order to active our Mardi Gras content we will be taking the servers offline at 2 AM Eastern Time, 6 AM GMT, 9 AM MSK February 13, 2016 (11 PM Pacific Time February 12, 2016) and perform server maintenance at that time.  The projected down time for content activation and maintenance is approximately 2 hours.


Since our own Fat Tuesday has to wait so can the end of our Anniversary sale on Burning Sea Notes.  The Anniversary sale has been extended through Friday February 12, 2016.  Don’t miss this last chance to plunder a few Burning Sea Notes with our Anniversary savings!

Happy Birthday Pirates of the Burning Sea!

Today marks the 8th Anniversary of the launch of Pirates of the Burning Sea!  In celebration of this milestone we’re happy to announce an Anniversary sale on Burning Sea Notes starting today through February 8th.  Our anniversary sale will feature:


-          33% off 1 and 2 Burning Sea Note bundles

-          35% off 4 and 9 Burning Sea Note bundles

-          40% off 23 and 47 Burning Sea Note bundles


We would like to thank our game community whether you are a newcomer, seasonal visitor or one of those stalwarts that have been here from the beginning for your support, your passion and most of all your love of PotBS through the years.  This voyage was not possible without you and those like you.  Eight years is a significant milestone in any MMORPG’s life and the strength of the support given to PotBS by this community gives every reason to look forward to more anniversaries to come.  So let’s all wish Pirates of the Burning Sea a very happy 8th birthday and don’t forget to check your nation’s starting ports for Anniversary mission content!

Server Maintenance/Anniversary Preparation 2016/1/18

We will be taking the servers offline at 12 AM Pacific Time (3 AM Eastern Time, 7 AM GMT, 10 AM MSK) January 18, 2016 for server maintenance and to prepare to activate our Anniversary content for the upcoming 8th Anniversary of Pirates of the Burning Sea on January 22, 2016.  The expected outage time is estimated to be approximately 90 minutes.


We will update this post when the server maintenance is complete.


We would also like to announce in celebration of the 8th Anniversary of Pirates of the Burning Sea we will hold an Anniversary Sale on Burning Sea Notes.  Throughout the Anniversary content availability period (January 22nd to February 8th 2016) the price of all all Burning Sea Notes will be reduced 33% with even greater savings for our larger Note bundles.  We will post another Anniversary update as the sale arrives.


Update 12:45am Pacific Time

The server maintenance is complete.  All servers should be available at this time.

Login Server Issue 2016/1/8

We are currently experiencing issues with our login servers.  We are working to resolve this issue as soon as possible.  We apologize for the inconvenience.  We will provide an update when the login server issue has been resolved.


Update 2016/1/8 6:28pm Pacific Time

The issue with our login servers has been determined to be a hardware failure in our data center that will require hardware replacement.  We have ordered the necessary replacement equipment and are awaiting its arrival so our IT staff can get it installed.  Due to the time of this failure and the time needed for the replacement hardware to arrive the servers will likely be offline for the remainder of January 8th and not likely to come back online until some time during the afternoon or evening of January 9th Pacific time.  We will update this post when the new server hardware has been installed.

The hardware that hosts the login servers also hosts the customer service tools.  Customer service will be not be able to process service requests until the hardware issue is resolved.


Update 2016/1/9 10:10pm Pacific Time

The hardware replacement is complete but server configuration work continues.  During this process there may be interruption or loss of service in other systems.  Currently account registration is not available along with customer service.  The systems should be restored by the time the configuration work is done.  We expect this work will continue into the night and it may extend into tomorrow (January 10th) if a break for sleep is needed.  We will update this post when the configuration work is complete.  Please note when the servers first come on line players will still not be able to log in until we have completed our testing on the servers before opening them for play.


Update 2016/1/10 2:10pm Pacific Time

The servers have been restored and are available for play.  New account registration should also be restored along with other account services.  Customer service tools have been restored.  Please note that customer service has not been able to clear the back log of service requests from the holidays and with the expectation of status inquiries and possible reimbursements due to the server outage delayed response from customer service should be expected.  We apologize for this inconvenience and thank you for your patience and understanding.

Server Down Time 2016/1/1

We will be taking the servers offline at 12 AM Pacific Time (3 AM Eastern Time, 7 AM GMT, 10 AM MSK) January 1, 2016 for server maintenance and to activate our New Year content. The expected outage time is estimated to be approximately 30 minutes. We will update this post when the maintenance is complete.


0100 Pacific Time

The servers are back online.  

There are currently issues with the game download service not being available and purchasing Burning Sea Notes not being available.  We are working to resolve these issues as quickly as possible.  We will provide an update regarding these issues when they are resolved.  


Until the regular download service is restored players should be able to download the game client from this location:  http://cdn-02.portaluscorp.net/potbs/client/potbsinstall.exe


Update 1/4/2016 1:50pm Pacific Time


The issues with the web service should now be resolved.  Players should be able to access the client download from download locations as before.  The game store should now be accessible from in game and new account registration issues should be resolved.


Server Down Time 2015/12/5

We will be taking the servers offline at 12 AM Pacific Time (3 AM Eastern Time, 7 AM GMT, 10 AM MSK) December 5, 2015 for server maintenance and to activate our Christmas content.  The expected outage time is estimated to be approximately 3 hours.  We will update this post when the maintenance is complete.


Update 12 am Pacific Time

Due to a technical issue the maintenance scheduled for this time has been postponed 24 hours.  This maintenance will now occur at the same scheduled time on December 6th instead of the 5th.


Update 3:24 am Pacific Time

Maintenance is complete and the servers are back online.  The Christmas content should be active and we've included a few adjustments to some ship writs and deeds in Treasure Aisle. 


Live Server Down Time 2015/11/21

We will be taking the Antigua and Roberts servers offline at 12 AM Pacific Time (3 AM Eastern Time, 7 AM GMT, 10 AM MSK) to release the to the Live servers.  This build features increases to the amount of Pieces of Eight awarded from Treasure Chests, an increase in the number of ship deeds from Treasure Chests, an update to the BitRaider launcher and a new Level 50 advancement item allowing players to skip the lower level development.  Please note this item is intended for veteran players already familiar with the game.  New players are still recommended to progress through the levels normally as a means of learning the game mechanics before reaching level 50.  Additional details regarding Build are found in the post below.

Update 3:36am Pacific Time:  The servers are back online.  Please note the BitRaider update will take several minutes to download as the update does a complete asset scan of the game files as part of the update. 


Build is now available on the Test Server.  The build contains the following changes, updates and additions:

Bit Raider Launcher Update

The BitRaider launcher has been updated.  To obtain this update for the BitRaider launcher for use with the Test server it is recommended that the updated file be downloaded from the following location before attempting to login to the Test server: http://burningsea.com/download-test

Please note this BitRaider update is not for the Live servers (Antigua and Roberts).  The update for use with the Live servers will be provided when Build is moved to the Live servers.

The following ship deeds have been added to the Ships section of Treasure Aisle:

Invincible 1st rate
Prince 1st rate
Triumphant 2nd rate
Trinity 2nd rate
Hercules Heavy
Hercules Sleek
Mordaunt Sleek
Oliphant Heavy
Raa Courier

- A new item has been added to the account section of Treasure Aisle that can be redeemed to have the character possessing the item advanced to Level 50.

The following changes have been made to Treasure Chest loot:

-The number of Pieces of Eight awarded per Treasure Chest opened has been increased.
-The likelihood of ship deeds being awarded for opened Treasure Chests has been increased.
-Higher level characters should no longer see lower quality consumables and ammunition awarded from Treasure Chests.
-Depending on the level of the character opening a Treasure Chest the following ships are potential rewards:

Myrmidon Heavy
Capricieux Heavy
Raa Heavy
Hercules Sleek
San Mateo Heavy
Tigre Heavy
Oliphant Heavy
San Fernando

The following bug fixes have been applied in Build

-The Breed Cattle recipe has been added to the Farm Estate structure.
-The Knot Rigging recipe has been added to Textile Factory.
-The Make Parchment recipe has been removed from Improved Textile Factory.  The recipe is supposed to be a Textile Factory only item.
-The Wood Unrest Bundle recipe has been added to the Saw Mill structure.
-The Metal Unrest Bundle Metal recipe has been added to the Finery and Ironworks structures.
-The Weapons Unrest Bundle recipe has been added to the Finery and Ironworks structures.
-The Texiles Unrest Bundle recipe has been added to Improved Textile Mill and Textile Factory structures.
-A recipe refresh routine has been added to refresh the recipe lists of each character in order to pick up the above changes.  The refresh routine should occur when a character changes zones.

Please note that some players may experience duplication of recipes in structures that share recipes with other structures.  We will work to resolve this issue in a future build but would not hold the build back for this issue as the issue is a display issue only and it is of greater importance that players have access to the recipes.

Unless issues are found with Build during the upcoming week we plan to move this Build to the Live servers over the upcoming weekend.

Server Maintenance 2015/10/28

We will be taking the servers offline in approximately one hour (10pm Pacific Time) for server maintenance and to active the Halloween content.  The expected maintenance time is one hour.  We apologize for the short notice and the inconvenience.



11:08pm Pacific Time - All servers are back online. 

Server Maintenance - 2015/09/19 (All Servers)

Update (12:57am Pacific Time) - The servers be back online.


We'll be takin' all servers offline for about 1 hour tonight at midnight (9/19/2015 at 12 AM Pacific Time, 3 AM Eastern Time, 7 AM GMT, 10 AM MSK). This downtime be t' perform regular scheduled maintenance and t' active our Talk Like a Pirate Day content. It be that time again mateys!

Roberts Server Status

We have taken the Roberts server offline to address the Open Sea sailing issue the server was experiencing and to stop the server from running through the night in that state.  If we are unable to bring the server back online by noon Pacific time September 18th we will update the status of the server here.  We apologize for the inconvenience and will bring the server back online as soon as we are able to resolve the Open Sea sailing issue.


2015/09/18 1036am Pacific Time

We have brought the Roberts server back online. Players should be able to log in again and the OS issue should be resolved. If any issues are found please email information regarding them to customerservice@portalusgames.com

Forum Status Update

As some players are aware we’ve had some community members on the forum doing some testing over the past week.  At this point I’m willing to say that the forum is functional and can be accessed.  I wouldn’t go further than that as it is bare bones but it is in a state where the forum could be used by the community.  No announcement has been made up to this point due to an issue in initial registration/sign in that affects community members attempting to reclaim previous forum handles (names) from the forum we carried over from FLS.


The current version of the forum uses your game login credentials as your login information.  The same account name and password you use to log in to the game should also log you into the forum.  If you have never had a forum account on the previous BurningSea.com forum when you login you should be prompted to select a forum handle (name).  Names that already exist in the forum database from the previous BurningSea.com forum are maintained so you may find some names are not available.  In such cases the forum will ask you for a password if you are trying to use an existing account name however this password will always fail and you will not be able to use that name.  This is the issue that affects reclaiming former forum handles.


The resolution of the issue requires working with our hosting service (Vanilla) and we don’t have an estimate as to when it will be resolved.  Rather than keeping the forum to just the community test team until the issue is resolved I’ve decided to let the community know that the forum can be used with caution.  Community members who did have former forum handles they wanted to recover that they will have to decide if they wish to wait until the issue is resolved to start using the forum or assume new forum handles to use the forum now. 


The forum can be found here: http://forums.burningsea.com/

Again if you are being prompted for a password during the selection of a forum handle (name) the name you are trying to select will not be available at this time.  You will have to select a different name to continue with the sign on process for the forum.  If the recovery of a forum handle from the previous forum is critical then we recommend you wait until the issue we are experiencing with claiming old forum handles is resolved.


The forum should be considered still under construction.  We expect that there will be issues and could have kept the forum private until it was in a more polished state but we do not want to delay what the forum can do for the community any longer.  If avoiding issues is critical to you then we suggest you may wish to wait before using the forum.  We are working with volunteers from the community to improve the experience.  We encourage the community to participate in the forum’s construction with suggestions and feedback to improve the experience for all users and look forward to seeing those interested in this early forum experience when you sign in.

All Server Downtime - 7/22/2015

Update (1:00 PM PDT): Antigua and Roberts are online and open for players once again! The verification process took quite a bit longer than expected, so again thank you to everyone for being so patient with this.
Test Server is having some additional problems that we're working through right now and we hope to have it open again shortly.

Update (12:00 PM PDT): We're in the final stages of the maintenance now, about to bring the servers back online for internal verification. Just to be safe I'm leaving the downtime estimate at 30 minutes from now.
Update (11:30 AM PDT): The maintenance work is moving along once again, currently the downtime estimate is 45 minutes from now.
Update (11:00 AM PDT): Things have come to a bit of a stall due to some (physical) traffic issues at our datacenter. The current downtime estimate is still 1 hour from now, thank you for your patience.
Update (10:30 AM PDT): Situation remains unchanged, maintenance work is ongoing.
Update (10:00 AM PDT): Maintenance work continues, no change in the downtime estimate.
Update (9:30 AM PDT): The maintenance work is underway, although there was a delay due to another datacenter tenant which has pushed the downtime estimate back an additional 15 minutes.

Hey everyone,

Unfortunately we will need to take all servers offline shortly to perform some emergency network maintenance at our datacenter. Currently the downtime is expected to last up to 1 hour.

I apologize for the very short notice for this downtime, and for any inconvenience it may cause. Updates will be posted here as they happen or every 30 minutes otherwise, thank you for your patience

Roberts Server Issue 7/12/2015 - Updated

Update (4:20 PM PDT): All servers are back online and open to players. Thank you all again for being so patient with this unexpected downtime.

Update (3:15 PM PDT): We've now resolved the new problems that took down access to the whole network. At this point we're working to bring everything back online and do a full test to ensure there are no lingering issues. My current best estimate for opening the servers again is 1 hour.

Update (2:15 PM PDT): Unfortunately our efforts to correct the network issues affecting a subset of our datacenter (including a critical piece for the Roberts server) resulted in a much more significant issue, affecting the entire network.
Work has been underway for the past hour or so to correct the new issues, and I will update this post as we have more information.
I'm very sorry for the inconvenience this has caused, we do appreciate your patience while we get this sorted out. -- Hamled

We are currently experiencing a server cluster issue that has affected the Roberts server as well as customer service and development environments.  

Players are currently unable to login to the Roberts server and will receive a message stating "Server could not be found and is probably restarting.  Please wait a few moments and try again."  Players will not be able to log into the Roberts server until this issue is resolved.  The Antigua server and Test server appear unaffected by this issue.  

Customer service will be unable to process many support requests until this issue is resolved.  This will cause delays in responses to service requests.  We apologize for the inconvenience and will update this post when the status of the server issue or any affected components changes.

All Server Downtime - 6/23/2015 - Updated

Update (1:10 AM PDT): All servers are online and open once again! Thank you everyone for your patience, and sorry about any inconvenience this may have caused.
Update (1:00 AM PDT): Bringing the servers back online right now. Currently estimate about 10 more minutes until all servers are back online.
Update (12:35 AM PDT): Maintenance work continues on schedule, no change in downtime estimate.
Update (12:05 AM PDT): Server maintenance and updates are underway. Current downtime estimate remains 1 hour.

Hello Captains!

We'll be taking all servers offline for about 1 hour tonight at midnight (6/23/2015 at 12 AM Pacific Time, 3 AM Eastern Time, 7 AM GMT, 10 AM MSK). This downtime is to perform regular scheduled maintenance and update buy and sell prices for NPCs in the Auction Houses.

Live Server Downtime - 6/16/2015 - Updated

We'll be releasing our latest update to 2.15 which includes a new level 50 frigate for all classes, tonight at midnight (6/16/2015 at 12 AM Pacific Time, 3 AM Eastern Time, 7 AM GMT, 10 AM MSK). We will be performing regularly scheduled maintenance at the same time which will require us to take the servers offline for up to 1 hour. Patch notes may be read here.

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Test Server - 2.15.40 Patch Notes

For our first new update in many months, we're releasing a new ship! This ship follows the trend of our most recent series of releases: the recipe is purchasable from Treasure Aisle (for 1,500 Burning Sea Points) and it requires only constructed (rather than purchased) components, allowing it to be built in Large Shipyards throughout the Caribbean.
Please read on for detailed ship stats!

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Test Server Downtime - 2.15.40

Update (10:10 PM PDT): Test Server is now online and open with version 2.15.40. If you would like to check out the new Viper frigate, please download and run the test game installer.

Shortly we will be releasing update 2.15.40 to Test Server for evaluation and feedback, in anticipation of a release to the Live servers on Monday evening / Tuesday morning.

Build 2.15.40 includes a new frigate, the Viper, the recipe for which will be available to all level 50 characters on Treasure Aisle! More details about this new ship will follow in our official patch notes for the build.

All Server Downtime 6/6/2015

Update (8:55 PM PST): Antigua and Roberts are once again online and open for players, Test Server will follow shortly. Thanks again to everyone for being patience with this!
Update (8:05 PM PST): Maintenance work is nearly complete at this time. Servers are now expected to be online and open again in about 30 minutes.
Update (7:35 PM PST): Maintenance work continues on schedule, downtime estimate is unchanged.
Update (7:05 PM PST): Maintenance work continues on schedule, downtime estimate is unchanged.
Update (6:35 PM PST): Maintenance has begun, currently downtime is estimated at 3 hours.
Players have been reporting issues with Open Sea lag on both Antigua and Roberts servers for the past two hours. While this still seems to be intermittent we will be taking all servers (including Test) offline in 45 minutes (6/6/2015 at 6:30 PM Pacific Time, 9:30 PM Eastern Time, 1:30 AM GMT, 4:30 AM MSK) to resolve it. We will be performing additional maintenance at the same time, and currently we expect the total downtime to last up to 3 hours. Updates will be posted here regularly throughout.

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