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All Server Downtime - 2/25/2015

Update (1:20 AM): All servers are online and open once again! Thank you all for your patience with this.
Update (1:00 AM): We're finished with all server maintenance and are starting the process of taking the servers back online. We expect to have them open for players again within 15 minutes.
Update (12:30 AM): Server maintenance is going according to schedule, our ETA remains 1 AM Pacific Time / 4 AM Eastern / 9 AM GMT, Noon MSK.

Update (12:05 AM): All servers have been brought offline for the beginning of maintenance. At this time our ETA for bringing them back online is still 1 hour.
Last week we announced that we'll be performing weekly maintenance from now on. In accordance with that we'll be taking all servers offline tonight at midnight (2/25/2015 at 12 AM Pacific Time, 3 AM Eastern Time, 8 AM GMT, 11 AM MSK).
We're expecting this downtime to last about an hour, and will be posting updates here throughout. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, and we appreciate your patience.

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All Server Downtime - 2/18/2015

REMINDER: If you open the game and don't see any servers, please download and run the launcher again!
Update (4:45 AM): Finally all of the servers are back online and open to players! Thank you again for being patient while we had this very extended downtime. As previously mentioned we will be taking steps to ensure that maintenance times in the future are nowhere near this long if possible.

Update (3:30 AM): Sorry for how long this is taking, we understand that downtimes of this length definitely cut into the playable times for people in Europe, Russia, and Australia. Given that we plan to do weekly maintenance from here on out, I'll reassess our choice of downtime window and figure out what gives us the best opportunity for a 2-4 hour window of low player activity.
Unfortunately at this point we have one remaining critical server which is still going through its update process and is taking significantly longer than expected. I'm extending the ETA at this point to 4 AM (7 AM Easter Time, 12 PM GMT, 3 PM MSK), however that's quite tentative, I'm not sure if things will be ready for then or not. Again, sorry for all of the inconvenience!

Update (3:00 AM): Maintenance continues, downtime is being extended to 3:45 AM Pacific Time.
Update (2:00 AM): Maintenance continues according to schedule. However, out of an abundance of caution I'm now estimating that the downtime may last an additional 30 minutes, until 3:30 AM Pacific Time.
Update (1:00 AM): Maintenance continues according to schedule. ETA remains the same.
Update (12:00 AM): Maintenance work on all servers has begun. At this time we are still expecting the downtime to last 3 hours.

As Fodderboy wrote earlier today, we're bringing all of the servers offline tonight at midnight (2/18/2015 at 12 AM Pacific Time, 3 AM Eastern Time, 8 AM GMT, 11 AM MSK).
With this update we'll be turning on the Mardi Gras content, fixing the Mahogany stacking issue (for real this time!), and doing a bunch of back-end server maintenance. Because of the extra maintenance going on we expect that this downtime will last up to 3 hours.

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Server Downtime 2/18/2015

Fat Tuesday is upon us and it brings with it a need for some server maintenance and a fix for the persistent mahogany log stack size issue.  We will need to bring down the servers (both Test and the Live servers) this evening.  The Test server will be taken offline first sometime later today to apply a new build and testing.  The Live servers will be brought down at midnight Pacific time to apply the new build if the new build passes required testing.  The estimated down time for the Live server maintenance is 3 to 4 hours.


During the server outage we will be turning on our Mardi Gras content found near the port of New Orleans in game.  We apologize for not having the content available during the day today as we try to limit server outages. 

Live Server Downtime - 2/8/2015

Update (12:50 PM): Antigua and Roberts are back online and open! Thank you for your patience.
Update (11:30 PM): We're pushing back the downtime by half an hour. Downtime is now estimated for 12:30 AM - 1 AM Pacific Time.

We'll be releasing another update, 2.15.38, which includes some bug fixes, changes to ship component pricing, and changes to NPC buy/sell order prices, tonight at midnight (2/8/2015 at 12 AM Pacific Time, 3 AM Eastern Time, 8 AM GMT, 11 AM MSK). This will require us to take the servers offline for up to 30 minutes. Patch notes may be read here.
We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, and we appreciate your patience.

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Test Server Downtime - 2.15.38

Update (12:00 AM): I overestimated earlier with the several hours bit. Turns out the database fix was a lot faster than anticipated! Test Server is now online and open with version 2.15.38. Thanks to everyone for your patience.

Update (10:30 PM): The upgrade to 2.15.38 went well, however we're currently working on fixing some issues with the Test Server database which had been causing issues for players for the last week or so.
Right now it's looking like fixing those issues may take several more hours.

We'll be upgrading Test Server to version 2.15.38 at 9:00 PM Pacific Time. Patch notes for this build may be read here.
Downtime should last about 30 minutes, I'll update this post when the server is available again, or if the downtime will last longer.
As always, if you'd like to play on Test Server please download the Test client, and make sure to install it in a different directory than your Live client!

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Test Server Down Time

We will be taking the Test server down at some point today to push the 2.15.38 build to the Test server.  The 2.15.38 build features reductions in ship construction costs, NPC buy/sell order prices and a bug fix.


Ship construction costs in the 2.15.38 build have reduced through the following changes:


·         Basic ship hull prices have been reduced by a rescaling of materials used by each size of ship and some reductions in recipe click costs.  Reductions in materials used focuses on keels, stems and iron usage.  The smallest hulls no longer use keels and stems by using a larger amount of frame timber material instead.  All hulls still using keels and stems have had their required amounts reduced.

·         Cannon carriages have had their click costs reduced and their materials used rescaled. 

·         Cannon barrels have had reductions in their click costs and a reduction in the amount of iron used to create each cannon barrel.  Planking material usage went up with most cannon barrels and tallow usage was reduced on the largest cannon barrel sizes.

·         Cannon recipe click costs have been reduced on some cannon (especially smaller cannon sizes).


As a result of the above changes all ship construction costs have been reduced except for ships that are created without using basic ship hulls or basic cannon (e.g. reward ships, exchange ships, etc.).  All ships that have had ship cost reductions have had proportionate reductions in their insurance values.


The 2.15.38 build features a few NPC buy/sell price changes.  The NPC markets in the 2.15 build are designed to be reactive rather than static.  The prices of NPC buy/sell orders are intended to change periodically based on player usage in relation to the overall market.  We haven’t made any changes up to this point because we wanted to wait until we felt we had a large enough sample of data to start seeing trends before making our first adjustments.  Moving forward we expect to make adjustments more often until we can eventually automate the system to operate in real time.


The initial price changes in the 2.15.38 build include:


·         NPC prices will pay higher prices for trade goods.  Trade goods are items only NPC’s consume such as hewn logs and container goods (e.g. cotton bales, barrels of flour, crates of leather, etc.).

·         The prices of NPC sold provisions have risen.

·         The prices of NPC sold structure experts (e.g. farmers, keepers, blacksmiths etc.) have gone up.  NPC sold structure expert markets have also been reduced.  NPC sold structure experts should now only be found in Oranjestad.  Future builds will feature additional reductions in NPC markets.


The 2.15.38 build also contains a fix for the mahogany log stack size bug.


We will leave this build on the Test server for a few days and push the build to the Live servers during the coming week if possible.  We appreciate your feedback and reporting anything that appears to be a bug or any issues that seem out of place.  Feedback and test can be submitted through our customer service email customerservice@portalusgames.com

Happy Anniversary Pirates of the Burning Sea!

It’s been seven years since the launch of Pirates of the Burning Sea and we’re happy to say that we’re looking forward to the next year and hopefully many more anniversaries to come!  For most of us here at Portalus Games this will be our fifth year with Pirates of the Burning Sea and entering our third year of operation as Portalus Games.  We realize that many of our players have been with the game even longer than we have and we hope they are looking forward to the future of the game as much as we are.


Seven years of operation is a tribute to the game’s player base and I want to say thank you to everyone reading this and to many others who probably are not for the support you all have given to the game over the past 7 years.  This is especially true over the last two years with Pirates of the Burning Sea and Portalus Games.  This game and company could not have continued without the dedicated and passionate support of its players.  It is to you all that the game owes its longevity and we want you all to know we are aware of that and we are above all grateful for your support. 


When it comes to discussing the future I’d like to say that we can lay out a detailed plan for the upcoming year but at the moment we’re still working on formulating that while we finish up some end of the year business and assess what we feel might be some realistic goals to set for the next few months.  We know what goals we would like to accomplish but we know more so this year than any other that we are going to need to be flexible with our plans and that we might not be able to set time tables to certain tasks until certain other tasks are accomplished first.  That reality has us a bit reluctant to talk about long term plans at this time so for the moment we will focus on immediate development.


This year is going to bring some challenges as we know we will need to address several issues that have little to do with game play but are critical to keeping the game operating.  Our servers while still reliable are aging and should be replaced sometime in the near future.   We still need to restore web service operations such as restoration of the Burning Sea forum, user content and we’d like to restore a subscription service similar to the former Captain’s Club.  Rebuilding these services and expanding the game’s presence through them will require us partnering with other service providers.  More partners means more time spent in business operation rather than development and working with their schedules but ultimately to accomplish our goal of making the game more accessible to a larger audience these are necessary steps and we will have to fit what development we can in where ever we can until some of these goals are reached.


Our immediate plans regarding game development currently are focused on fixing bugs, addressing tuning issues and progressing with implementing the loot economy items that were originally slotted to be part of the 2.15 build.  In the next few days we’ll push a build to the Test server that repairs the Mahogany log stack size bug, adjusts numerous NPC buy/sell price points and implements some construction cost adjustments that target lowering costs for cannon carriages, cannon barrels and basic ship hulls.  We’ll follow that build with another that bring some reduction in labor values to several recipes, make some adjustments to ship accuracy mods and the start of the loot table overhaul that was originally to be part of the 2.15 build.  Hopefully before these tasks can be accomplished we will have the forum operational again and will have a better format for discussion regarding future development in greater detail.

All Server Downtime - 1/13/2015

Update (3:28 AM PST): All servers are back online now. Things might be slow for a few hours, as part of our maintenance we needed to shut off most of the machines and right now the databases are a bit 'cold'. Thanks again for your patience, everyone!

Update (2:55 AM PST): We're running just a bit behind schedule now. Currently expect to have the servers back online by 3:15 AM. Thank you all for your patience.
Update (1:40 AM PST): Server maintenance is going according to schedule. We currently expect to be done before the original 2 hour estimate.
We're doing some network and server maintenance, and to turn on Anniversary content, tonight after midnight (1/13/2015 at 1 AM Pacific Time, 4 AM Eastern Time, 9 AM GMT, 12 PM MSK). This will require us to take the servers offline for up to 2 hours.

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Live Server Downtime - 12/6/2014

Update (12:23 AM PST): Antigua and Roberts are back online and open again, thanks for your patience!

We'll be releasing another update to 2.15 which includes a number of different bug fixes to the economy, text descriptions of items, and the user interface, tonight at midnight (12/6/2014 at 12 AM Pacific Time, 3 AM Eastern Time, 8 AM GMT, 11 AM MSK). This will require us to take the servers offline for up to 30 minutes. Patch notes may be read here.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, and we appreciate your patience.

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Test Server Downtime - 2.15.37 - Updated

Update (5:00 AM PST): Sorry about the delay in getting the server back online. There was some weirdness with the auction database which prevented listings from showing up in-game (no actual listing data was affected). This has since been resolved, and Test Server is online and open again. Thanks for your patience!

We'll be upgrading Test Server to version 2.15.37 at 4:00 AM Pacific Time. Patch notes for this build may be read here.

As always, if you'd like to play on Test Server please download the Test client, and make sure to install it in a different directory than your Live client!

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Test Server - 2.15.37 Patch Notes

We’re releasing another bug fix patch for 2.15. After completing the emergency fix work of rolling back the stack limits and weight changes in 2.15.36 we’re now plugging up the production issues that have been reported to us in the past few weeks, and improving our in-game communication about certain kinds of items.
Read on for detailed patch notes!

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Website, Email, and Server List Downtime - 12/1/2014 - Updated

Update 3 (9:00 PM PST): We've received word from our DNS provider that their operations are returning to normal. I suspect that for many of you it might still take a couple of hours before patching and logging in works again, however.

Update 2 (8:00 PM PST): Our DNS provider is still working on mitigating the current attacks. More updates will follow as we receive them.

Update 1 (6:30 PM PST): According to our DNS provider they're seeing renewed DDoS attacks. We've had some reports from players of having difficulty using the launcher or connecting to servers once in-game. This may be due to the new attacks or possibly due to the partial nature of the recovery from earlier. More updates will follow as we receive them.

Although it appears to be resolved now, I wanted to address he outage that we had today, which would have affected anyone attempting to log into the game today from approximately 11 AM PST (7 PM GMT) to 4:30 PM PST (12:30 AM GMT).

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Live Server Downtime - 11/25/2014 - Updated

Update (12:30 AM PST): Antigua and Roberts are back Online and open.
We'll be releasing an update to the initial 2.15 release to rollback the stack limit and weight changes and increase the variety of NPC AH listings, tonight at midnight (11/25/2014 at 12 AM Pacific Time, 3 AM Eastern Time, 8 AM GMT, 11 AM MSK). This will require us to take the servers offline for up to 30 minutes. Patch notes may be read here.

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2.15 Stacks and Weights Rollback

On Tuesday I asked players to provide feedback about the 2.15 update in general, and also about the stacks and weights aspects of it in particular. And boy did you guys have a lot of feedback for us! I greatly appreciate how many people have written to us both in the comments here and through emails to feedback@portalusgames.com.

Read on for details of what we're planning based on your feedback!

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Live Server Downtime - 11/19/2014 (Again)

Update 2 (9:50 PM PST): Both Antigua and Roberts are back Online again, all of the maintenance has been completed successfully and we've resolved the issues with characters who were stuck attempting to zone. If you are still experiencing any problems zoning or using the AH when you next log in, please shoot us an email via support@portalusgames.com . Thank you all for your extended patience with all of the downtime today!

Update (9:00 PM PST): I was hoping for this downtime to last under 30 minutes, but some of the Auction House maintenance we're doing (trying to prevent a similar issue to what we had earlier today when the servers came back), is taking longer than expected. My current ETA is 9:30 PM PST.

Due to some issues with players becoming stuck during zoning we'll be bringing both Antigua and Roberts offline to fix the issue in about 1 hour (8:30 PM PST, 11:30 PM EST, 4:30 AM GMT, 7:30 AM MSK).

I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, and hopefully this will be the last downtime we'll need to have this week!

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Downtime - 11/19/2014 - Updated

Update 5 (2:15 PM PST): The process that was integrating Building Stone into the AH is actually a very resource intensive process (it rebuilds all of the AH data, actually) and normally we run it while the servers are locked during our downtime window.
I thought since you could play while it was going on, that it wouldn't be an issue... but it turns out it's been creating immense amounts of lag for all of the rest of the game, sorry about that! I've killed that process so you should see a return to normalcy soonish.
I'll have to figure out a new way to get the Build Stone listings on the AH, or possibly wait until tonight to do additional downtime.

Update 4 (1:15 PM PST): Antigua and Roberts are Online and open again, thank you all for your patience! The Building Stone listings from NPCs will take a little bit, possibly up to two hours, to appear in the AH, however.

Update 3 (1 PM PST): All game servers are currently running and we're doing our final verification before opening them up, as well as adding NPC listings for Building Stone to the auction houses.

Update 2: A bit of good luck, we were able to restore the file server OS when we previously believed we would need to recreate it from scratch. I'm currently in the process of restoring the databases and verifying them for any potential corruption. Current estimate is 1-2 hours before the game servers are online again.

Update: While it appears that we have not lost any game data (and our backups were also unaffected in the event that we need to restore from them), I will be needing to rebuild one of our file servers before we can get the game online again. Currently my best estimate for that task is up to six hours. I'll provide further updates as we progress.

Hey everyone!

We're currently experiencing a hardware failure in a critical piece of our database infrastructure. All game servers are currently down as a result. I've got our network engineers working on the problem right now, and will post additional updates as I receive them.

I'm sorry for any inconvenience this is causing, and I thank you all for your patience with us while we resolve this!