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Test Server Leveling

One of the questions we see a lot of is "how can I level my character to 50 on the Test Server?" In the past the answer was that we would manually bump your character, but this was clunky since it meant that players would have to wait for the limited window in which we could level characters. In the next Test Server build we'll have a new and improved method for players to get their characters to level 50 whenever they want.

We are adding four new items to the Port Captain's Test Server shop:

  • Swashbuckling for Beginners: This item adds 300xp to your character and can be used at any level
  • Intermediate Swashbuckling: This item adds 1500xp to your character and can be used once you reach level 10
  • Advanced Swashbuckling: This item adds 5,000xp to your character and can be used once you reach level 25
  • Expert Swashbuckling: This item adds 10,000xp to your character and can be used once you reach level 40

These items will allow you to level as much or as little as you want to, whenever you want to. We plan to release the first Test Server build for 2.15 next week, which includes both the new leveling items and the first part of the economy revamp. Expect to see some dev logs about the economy changes from Fodderboy before then!


The Live server has been updated to version! This update includes new items at the Piece of Eight Exchange and a new Open Sea fleet prowling the Caribbean.

If you are unable to see the server list when you start your client, it means you need to update to the latest version. To do that please run the BitRaider launcher, which you can find here.